SA HIMSS April 2016 Lunch & Learn Event

April 21, 11:30am, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT

Old San Francisco Steak House 10223 Sahara Drive San Antonio, TX 78216


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Description: How much does that cost?

While this is so common in every other aspect of our lives, ask it of a healthcare provider and you’ll get a myriad of answers.  Value-based care, be it bundled payments, ACOs, Shared Savings or other, will place more emphasis on healthcare providers to compete on both the quality of services and the cost to provide those services.  To be successful in this new environment, organizations must tackle one of the fundamental challenges facing our industry, which is simply how we measure the cost of the healthcare services we provide and how little we actually understand those today.  To compete on value requires an understanding of the actual costs - at the patient condition level - for the services provided.  We analyze and provide an overview of studies underway to use time-driven activity-based costing as a potential alternative method for cost analysis, how organizations are beginning to use information technology to automate these findings and the need for additional technologies to bridge the gaps for tomorrow.

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