Lunch & Learn

January 18, 11:30am, CST - 1:00pm, CST

Old San Fancisco Steak House

10223 Sahara Dr

San Antonio, TX 78216


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The San Antonio HIMSS Chapter Board invites you to the January Lunch & Learn event. This month's speaker is Lieutenant Colonel Chani Cordero, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the J-7 Information Technology and Multimedia Branch which encompasses the Medical Education Training Campus (METC), Learning Education Analysis Directorate (LEAD), and the Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute. All Department of Defense (DoD) enlisted medical personnel train at METC, and as the CIO/G6 for METC, she provides IT support for the 48 training programs, 800 faculty/staff & 18,000 students annually. She is the senior IT executive and advisor to the directorate on all information management (IM) and information technology (IT) policy, plans, and governance processes. She is responsible for the IM Strategic Pan and IT sustainment plan for and th principle advisor to the METC Commandant to assess and support clinical information training systems, data analysis, and related medical device integration projects.

Her topic: Learning your business is integral for any CIO. Between providing information technology services, application design and support, and protecting infrastructure, CIOs focus on the service delivery of the business. In the Higher Education arena, the role is transforming from a solutions provider to a curriculum developer. Discover how the Medical Education and Training Campus is revamping their curriculum to partner with IT to enhance delivery and student engagement. This session will discuss ideas to increase engagement in the business arena. We will talk about:
* Review the various types of gamification and the main principals of gamification
* Discover how gamification, simulation, and holograms can achieve employee satisfaction, skills development, and changing behaviors.
* Learn new tactics on retention of training material
* Discover how gamification is about driving business objectives and data collection